We know that used vans are cheaper than brand new ones – but how?

It’s common knowledge that shopping for used vans in Surrey at Wheels Van Centre, for example, is going to be miles cheaper than opting to buy a brand new van. However; the ways in which used vans end up being cheaper than new ones are often quite sneaky and clever – such as the following…

New vans are very expensive because… as technology advances, and as this more advanced technology gets implemented into vans more and more, the price of said vans well increase by a fair amount.

Always ask questions

Used vans may not feature the latest in navigation technology, may not come with Bluetooth, and may not feature any other gadgets and gizmos, but they’ll get you from A to B just as well as any brand new van would – you just have to be willing to compromise luxury a tad. When you think about it, do you even really need the latest voice-activated thingamajig?

Used vans suffer less depreciation of value.  When you first scratch or dent a brand new car, it can often feel like the end of the world – and it’s understandable. Do the same to a car that’s already got a charming bit of wear and tear, and it doesn’t feel too bad, right?

Used  Cars3

With this principle in mind, it’s important to remember that brand new vans can lose anything from 50% to 60% of their initial value just in their first year on the road – buy a used van, and you’re going to lose way less value.

There are many other ways, mind, that used vans are cheaper; you dodge hidden fees that can occur in new van showrooms – such as paying for the salespersons time – and things such as rising interest rates.

Examine the paperwork

We know what we’d prefer, and of course your bank account will thank you for opting for a used vehicle rather than a brand new vehicle!