The Best Reasons to Sell and Recycle Your Copper

Of all the metals used in the world, copper is among the most sought after for a number of reasons. This material can be easily melted down and reformed into anything a company might need, such as wiring for electrical work. By gathering up your copper scraps and selling them to recycling companies, you stand to enjoy some additional cash and a number of other benefits. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that some burglars break into homes to remove copper plumbing from the house to sell it to scrap yards. This crime often takes place due to the fact that scrap copper is considered quite valuable. Rather than waiting around until burglars take it off your hands for you, you stand to benefit greatly by selling it yourself.

More Money

Cash-for-gold companies are quite common now, but you do not see the same commercials for scrap copper. However, copper is a valuable type of metal. While not as valuable as gold, you can often sell your scraps for as much as 95% of the value of new copper. This is a significant percentage, considering how much you likely spent to get the copper you needed in the first place. Getting some of your investment back from your scraps should help to recuperate any losses during your project and put money back in your pocket. While prices vary by day, the percentage earned can quickly make a big difference.

Extremely Reusable

Scrap copper prices remain high due to the fact that nearly as much copper is recycled as is mined each year. So long as individuals such as you continue to recycle their scrap copper, the world is unlikely to run out of this highly-valued metal any time soon. What was once copper wire can be melted and turned into sheet metal or reshaped into piping. Nearly half of copper structures that you see on a daily basis were created using recycled copper. For this reason, you stand to gain quite a lot when you choose to sell your scraps.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling copper is a great way to be environmentally conscious with regard to a natural resource. Far too many of the earth’s resources are used faster than they are replenished, but this may not be true for copper if it is recycled enough. Often, you might be tempted to simply throw out or copper scraps but this is literal cash being thrown into the rubbish heap. Even if you only make a small amount, you have more money now than you did then, and that is always a good thing.

Today it is no longer possible to get away with practices that once harmed the environment. There is no reason to stop with copper. Any metal, wood, plastic, glass, or paper you have left behind after a project may be better put to use by a recycling plant. To give companies more incentive to recycle, you receive cash for nearly any material you have to sell that can be reused. While you may not get the full price you invested in the material back, any percentage returned can make a big difference.