A Guide to Servicing Your Vehicle

New cars today are a world apart from those around not so many years ago, many of which now have far more computing power than that of the Apollo missions that flew to the moon. The reliability, efficiency and safety are all in a totally different league, but with advanced technology comes another problem, being keeping the vehicle functioning perfectly. There is much discussion regarding the costs of servicing and whether main dealers’ prices are fair. While there is no legal obligation to have your vehicle serviced by the dealer it came from, many do choose to do so for a variety of very good reasons. First and foremost of course is the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, which could potentially become null and void, if you have it serviced incorrectly or copy rather than original parts have been used.

Main Dealer Servicing Benefits

Vehicles today are extremely sophisticated and rely on software to keep them functioning properly. As with your mobile phone, which regularly receives software updates, to help your applications run more efficiently, so too your car can benefit from being correctly updated. When you use a main dealer, like Phillip Mitsubishi, you have the comfort of knowing that all updates will be installed and that any recall rectification work will also be applied, as per the manufacturers’ precise instructions. Aside from the knowledge that all work is being done with the right equipment and knowledge of course, is that all important main dealer stamp in the servicing log, which has significant importance when it comes time to sell the vehicle. Buyers are more likely to be interested in purchasing when they can visibly see that everything has been done properly, with no corners cut.

Manufacturer Support

Vehicle makers invest very significant sums of money in bringing a vehicle range to market and are very keen to support brand loyalty. They invest heavily in their main dealers, to ensure that the staff have the best possible level of training on every aspect of the vehicle. They understand that a single bad experience can turn you away from the brand permanently. As such, the main dealer is far more likely to listen to your grievances, no matter how small. Some dealers will continue to provide you with subsidised repair work for minor issues after the warranty has expired, if all of the servicing has been done by them, as a goodwill gesture both from them and the brand itself.

Potential Disadvantages

Some vehicle owners question the reason to continue to pay the extra costs of standard servicing once a warranty has expired, with many local garages, with significantly lower overheads able to offer a far better deal. There are of course, minor and major services required from time to time in a vehicles life, some of the latter are very infrequent, but can be costly. It becomes at that point a matter of individual choice, though when the differences are only minimal, opting for the main dealer is generally a smart move.


It is worth checking out “deals” from the main dealer, who may offer fixed price servicing, or free breakdown cover as encouragement to stick with them, which may well be worth the extra few dollars. Some also offer free “health checks” helping you to deal with any issues at an early stage, so continuing to use the main dealer can often remain a good idea.