A Basic Guide for Renting a Crane

Cranes are large machines that are generally used for lifting and moving heavy things around. Cranes are most commonly seen on construction sites as they are used for lifting heavy girders and other construction equipment around. Many contractors that have to work on different construction projects don’t have their own cranes. These are very expensive to maintain on a regular basis, and when the crane is not in use, it will just continue to depreciate, which will affect the company’s profitability. Instead, many companies prefer renting cranes from private companies that offer construction equipment on rent. It’s a less expensive option to say the least, as you can just return the crane once the project has been completed. If you want to rent a crane for an upcoming project, here is a basic guide that will help you out.

What Type of Crane Do You Want?

Most people don’t know this, but there are several types of construction cranes that you can choose from. Depending upon the purpose and the application for which it is needed, you have to select the right kind of crane for the project. Here are some common types of cranes that you can hire for any construction project.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are by far the most popular variant. They are incredibly versatile, and can be moved around very easily from one place to another. Many Perth crane hire companies offer mobile cranes in various sizes to their clients. These cranes can be folded neatly on top of a truck and usually contain a steel truss or a telescopic boom that’s fixed atop a mobile platform. It could be a cat truck as well. The reason why this type of crane is so suitable is because it can easily squeeze into positions where a larger crane might not be able to reach, thus allowing you to hoist materials that would be impossible to reach otherwise.

Telescopic Crane

Another common variant is the telescopic crane, which has a series of tubes connected within each other. These cranes also have a hydraulic mechanism used for lifting it up or bringing it down.

Tower Crane

A tower crane must be built on the construction site and contains a variety of platforms that are fixed one on top of another. These cranes can go quite high, with some larger ones reaching as high as a thousand metres!

Renting the Crane

You can discuss your requirements with a local company that offers crane hire services to find out which type of crane is most suitable for the construction project. You should also ask about the availability of that particular crane during the dates when the project is ongoing so that you can book it. It’s recommended that you book the crane as early as possible. Once you have confirmed the booking, the company will ask you to pay a small fee as an advance and then require the details for the date of delivery.