5 Ways to avoid Auto Accidents

Man calling first aid after car crash accident

Ninety percent of road accidents can be prevented by merely adhering to the rules of the road. Practicing safe driving is essential for all drivers, but in a hectic driving world, most drivers ignore or forget these rules. You can start by staying focused while driving, avoiding temptations and not drinking and driving. Although there are no guarantees on accidents prevention common sense and knowledge can prevent the occurrence and make the roads safe for everyone.

There are over 40 million visitors to Las Vegas every year using personal, taxis and rental cars. It also boasts of the highest number of auto accidents, but all this can be avoided using the tips below:-

1.     Stay focused

When you are driving avoid multi-tasking and focus on the road, getting distracted from the road puts you at risk of an accident. Keeping your eyes on the road and do nothing else.

2.     Never use a cell phone

Using a phone while driving is the number one cause of road accidents, but its common knowledge don’t text and drive. In some instances, while you are driving your phone might drop on the floor of your car, attempting to find it while driving drives focus away from the road and put those on the road at risk. Park your car on the side of the road to make a call is better than making calls while driving.

3.     Don’t drink and drive

High alcohol levels impair your vision and judgment; you don’t have the same abilities you have when you’re sober. Get a designated driver or call a taxi to drive you home. Drunk driving has caused multiple fatalities on the roads, and it’s something that can you can avoid. Note that driving under the influence of any drugs including narcotics is illegal and you can end up going to jail.

4.     Follow speed limits

A speed limit is for a reason; if you over speed on certain roads, you are putting others at risk, if you make a sudden stop it’s harder to stop if you are over speeding. When you are speeding, you might not see the road signs, and this puts pedestrians at risk. Following the speed limits allows you to be aware of symbols on the road and adhere to them.

5.     Ignore aggressive drivers

For most drivers getting bullied by aggressive drivers can drive them up the wall but keeping your cool in such a situation might save your life. Aggressive drivers agitate other drivers its better to avoid them or call the police to report such harassment.

Apply safe driving skills while on the road and pay attention to those around you. Also, follow the rules of the road to avoid accidents or get traffic tickets. Stop signs, or red lights obey all traffic signs as they are there to protect you and the pedestrians on the road. Finally be sensible when you are behind the wheel and be safe on the road.