Precision Engineering Applications


Different types of machines are used in the manufacturing industry for producing specific types of moulds and parts. However, like any other asset in a company, machines are also subject to wear and tear. Each company records this concept as depreciation within their accounting records. However, in case a larger machine malfunctions, it may be difficult to find the right parts that are compatible with the machine. Rather than waiting for another serious issue to arise, it would be much better if you contacted a local company to make high quality CNC machined parts for your equipment.

Local companies that offer precision engineering in Perth can help you with a lot of different tasks. Their services are usually hired by local companies and small business owners who want specific parts made for a particular type of machine. Here are just some of the many different precision engineering applications that you should know about.

Replacement Parts

One of the most common applications of precision engineering is to manufacture replacement parts for larger machines. Specific parts can be fabricated and replaced in a variety of different kinds of machines. All you have to do is take the malfunctioning part to the company’s offices. They will carefully inspect the original part to get an idea about how it functions within the system. By using high-precision 3D imaging tools, the company is able to create an exact replica of the original part. The replacement parts are always made using high quality materials. The newly created part can be directly installed in the machine, thus allowing for quick and effective functionality.

Precision engineering for replacement parts is actually used in a variety of different industries. Some of the industries in which this type of process is used include aviation, oil and gas, mining, medical, subsea, manufacturing, heavy industrial, as well as the construction and defence industries. Due to the fact that so many of these parts require replacement at different times, most companies often have standing contracts with CNC engineering and machining companies. The company’s services can be used for a host of different purposes, such as for the fabrication of shims, shank bushes, wear plates, feed boxes, adjuster assemblies, adaptors, and a lot more. Because of the fact that very precise measurements are required, most companies often use highly accurate measurement tools to ascertain the part’s dimensions. It’s important for the replacement part to be an exact mirror of the original; otherwise the machine may not work at all.

Requesting a Quote

Before you can place an order for different machine parts, it’s important for you to request a quote from the company to get an idea about the total costs involved. Local companies that specialise in offering CNC machining and engineering services generally offer obligation-free quotes to their customers. This way, you will get an idea about how much the part will cost before placing an order. If you get the parts fabricated in bulk, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money as well. If you feel as though the prices are within your budget, you can place an order for the parts and discuss your requirements accordingly.